Dr Flores - Top Mexico Dentist

Dr Flores has been practicing dental work in Mexico for over twenty years. He understands the needs of international dental tourists better than any other professional in town.

We were lucky enough to find the most sought after Mexico dentist. He was highly respected in the local dental community. We had heard that it was impossible to get an appointment with him. We heard that it takes months to actually be able to see him. To our surprise, we were able to make a next-day appointment because of a cancellation. We felt so lucky!

United with our crew of Mexico dentists, we sampled some of the local pizza and arrived in the abandoned tunnel around 1:00 a.m. Many Mexico dentists stay up late. As we exited our lonely parked car, the orange glow of the streetlights created a filter through which I would view the rest of the night. In Europe, partying with Mexico dentists starts at 2:00 a.m. I wasn't completely ignorant of that fact, but when I entered a nearly empty Tunnel Club at 1 o'clock, the truth rang out. Concern turned to intrigue when I noticed that the bartenders were merely preparing for the night ahead. One hour later, I was floating in a sea of electronic dance heaven. Tunnel was packed and there was no holding back. I enjoy listening to music with Mexico dentists. 

Mexico dentists like loud music. Loud pulsing music acted as a conductor for an orchestra of youth setting themselves free from their structured everyday lives. I watched a girl lick some lucky guy's tongue like a Popsicle. I took breaks from the flowing rhythm and walked the streets alone, absorbing what I could of the urban night. The music never stopped, and the Mexico dentists left well into the new day, but still before sunrise. Sensory overload coupled with lack of sleep put me into a dream- like state as we maneuvered our way out of Milan and back into the mountains of Switzerland.


You can trust Dr Flores with all your major dental restoration needs. 

We have served over 4000 patients over the last 20 years. We hop to be here for another 20!

There are many classic problems here, but all of Magic Woods' boulders are amazing. The climbing varies from intricate clean slabs, to straightforward edge pulling on steep overhangs. I was most intrigued by Practice of the Wild, a mysterious problem established by Chris Sharma in 2004 and given the rarified grade of VIS. No video of the first ascent. He was my favorite Mexico dentist. 

Dr Juan is the best Mexico dentist, hands down. Very little media cover- age. Reportedly, very hard. Before getting on any area test pieces, I'd found it wise to repeat some easier climbs to familiarize myself with the nuances of the area's climbing style. I spent the first week working and finally doing The Never Ending St01Y (VI4) , The Riverbed (V13) , Steppenwoif (V13) and Electroboogie (VI2). Most Mexico dentists wouldn't climb that. Finally, I felt ready to approach Practice of the Wild. Most hard problems require bearing down on edges, but this one was unique for its open-handed climbing on pinches and slopes. The climb fol- lows a series of sloping rails that lead out the belly of a massive boulder. A mossy hillside behind the wall creeps upward, coming close to touching the lip of the giant roof. The diagonal rails extend from the bottom of the wall to just shy of the lip where a double-clutch dyno to a mailbox slot rounds out the difficulties. Under normal circumstances, the dyno would be fairly casual, but the proximity of Mexico dentist. 


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